The company

The surveyor D’Arcangelo Luciano began his work experience in the construction sector in the 90s, when together with his brothers Michele and Giuseppe he formed D’Arcangelo Costruzioni, an individual company that later became an srl, thanks to the excellent work done.

Thus the construction company D’Arcangelo srl also began to operate in the industrial construction and public works sectors, while continuing to build and renovate private buildings.

The experience accumulated over the years and the continuous refresher courses bring the surveyor D’Arcangelo Luciano to the establishment in 2011 of his own company: the DAR.DE.CA. COSTRUZIONI SRL, which today is considered one of the most reliable construction companies in its territory which over time specializes more and more in the sector of dehumidification of environments.

You work both public and private

The company is able to carry out both public and private works by offering a high quality service, trying to meet all customer needs, at low costs (turnkey jobs).

The company has a large operating center located in the Municipality of San Valentino torio (SA) in Via Oreste Forgione n.14, with an area of approximately 500 square meters covered and 1,500 square meters uncovered, and thanks to the continuous investments, has in a fleet of special and mixed vehicles is equipped, as well as various types of equipment to cope with all the activities envisaged.

The employees are in possession of the specialization requirements by carrying out continuous refresher courses, in particular Schluter Systems, a world leader in the supply of materials for waterproofing and desolidarization, drainage and insulation of environments, required to perform the various types of construction .

Job security

The company complies with all employee safety requirements and constant updates as required by Legislative Decree 81/2008.

The new safety laws, and in particular Legislative Decrees 626/1994, 494/1996 and their amendments and additions to law 81/2008 oblige the client and the contractor to carry out the works, to comply with the aforementioned regulations, clearly distinguishing the roles between “Client and Contractor”.

La Dar. De. Ca. Costruzioni srl is able to fully comply with the legislative provisions and to act as interlocutor and collaborator in support of the client.

It should be emphasized that Legislative Decree 81/2008 applies to all workplaces, including non-productive ones such as condominiums, real estate properties generally subject to expansion and / or renovations, etc.

Civil and criminal liability for failure to comply with the rules is not insignificant; neglecting or neglecting the law can lead to significant economic damage (fines) or to the closure of the construction site, in the most serious cases, to arrest and detention.

La Dar. De. Ca. Costruzioni intends to offer the client the management of the prevention – safety system according to the type of works and their execution in compliance with accident prevention, risk assessment, measures to be implemented also with reference to the procedure bureaucratic requested by the Supervisory Bodies (Labor Inspectorate, ASL).

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